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Chris Sare

Chris Sare is a certified nutritionist and child advocate on a mission to help children grow up healthier and happier. For more than a decade, her work with children and families has emphasized preventing childhood obesity and consuming Superfoods for peak performance and optimum health. Evidence shows that the certain foods, called Superfoods, can make significant difference in preventing cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other conditions.

She has been in the forefront of the children’s nutrition revolution with her early elementary school program and her website, SuperFoodiestotheRescue.com. In 2010 she aligned with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which was founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation to combat childhood obesity. Today her lesson plans are included in the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Resource Database and are downloaded all over the world.

Chris’s website is an information source for teachers, parents and caregivers who are on the front lines. It also reaches the kids to teach nutrition in an entertaining way. “Using whimsical characters as personified foods helps children learn valuable lessons regarding what gives them energy, what builds muscles, and what nutrients help the brain to function,” Chris says. “Prevention is key, and if children can learn while they are very young, they will have lifelong habits that are ingrained in their minds.” Chris believes that we are all creatures of habit, and the better the habits and the more tools we have, the healthier we can be.  

Chris feels that, like reading, spelling or math, teaching nutrition is best accomplished by planting seed information that is allowed to grow with the child, instead of trying to teach it after bad habits are already formed. Regarding her personal experience, she says: “I grew up eating unhealthy foods and did not have the awareness or support. Consequently, I grew up being overweight and struggled to overcome weight issues as an adult. As a result of that, it has become my passion to proactively help children from a very young age.”

As part of her mission, Chris developed the SuperFoodie Education Ambassador Program with Rob Monahan in 2014. This four-week program is designed to give teachers all the tools they need to start children on their journey toward building a healthy relationship with food and developing awareness of the other factors that influence overall health.

In addition, Chris founded Healthy Happy Kiddos, a nonprofit foundation that enables educators to teach children all aspects of heath in school or daycare. Children are learning without even knowing they are being taught. Through the use of puppets, games and animation, kids absorb positive messages at an early age and even bring home tools and knowledge for mom or dad and caregivers. It is a wonderful way for kids to connect and learn all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Once the children know this information, they can pass it along to siblings and parents and carry it with them as they grow, hopefully passing on this vital information to the next generation. 


Both the Healthy Happy Kiddos foundation and Superfoodies Education program provide educators, parents and caregivers the tools to empower all families to become healthier together. 

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