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HEY EVERYONE! Do you love running and playing sports? How about learning? When you want to do any of those things, your body needs energy! To fuel up your body, GRAINS are the way to go! Breads and cereals are made from grains, and are full of car-bo-hy-drates, which give you’re body energy.

Fruits, like BLUEBERRIES, can can also give you energy to play all day!

Energy isn’t all you need though! If you want to grow up strong, you need to eat your protein. PROTEIN helps build muscles after you play! Meat, like chicken, and even eggs are great sources of protein. Milk, cheese and yogurt can power you up too! They are full of protein, and even have more of those carbohydrates for energy! Beans, like black beans and soybeans are another great place to get protein.

So, your body is strong and full of energy, but even the strongest body can get sick! The best way to fight off illness is with LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES and FRUITS HIGH IN VITAMIN C!

Vegetables like BROCCOLI and CARROTS are full of nutrients that help your body work. See how many different colored veggies you can think of! Each different colored vegetable gives your body something else it needs to be strong, healthy and happy!

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