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Rob Monahan
Director of Nutrition

Rob Monahan has a passion for teaching as well as for health. A leader in his field, he piloted New York City’s first elementary-level class dedicated solely to critical thinking skills. His students achieved outstanding state test scores using his customized curriculum as a springboard.

His interest in children’s nutrition stems from his own experiences and inspired his thesis on the role of nutrition on the thinking and learning of children. His students and programs have been featured in numerous forms of media, including the nationally syndicated children’s television show Cyberchase. “Teaching in a high-need area has forced me to become creative and to always think outside the box,” Rob says.

Rob spent more than a decade teaching elementary-level science to children, along with graduate-level interdisciplinary education methods to fellow teachers pursuing their teaching degrees.  As a four-time cancer survivor, Rob has developed a very defined interest in superfoods and the roles that they play in nutritive medicine and nutrigenomics.  In recent years he has been a health coach and education consultant. Now he is ecstatic to have taken on the role of Director of Education for SuperFoodies Education, where he can share his message creatively with all the SuperFoodies children and families. A four-time cancer survivor, Rob personally understands the value of excellent nutrition.

Along the journey of battling multiple cancers, Rob’s interest in nutrition led him to study cacao, which is considered a top superfood for its antioxidant content.  He and a colleague spent more than five years researching the topic and wrote two guidebooks on where to find the highest quality dark chocolate in NYC.  He states, “A love for chocolate is a ‘vice’ that can actually be beneficial to a person’s health. People just need to be educated on the differences in quality.”

In addition to serving on the SuperFoodies Education Team, Rob currently co-owns a private health and fitness facility in Manhattan where he trains and coaches clients.  He is also a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum writer for the City of New York.

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